Posted by: janetleigh | July 4, 2012

4th of July, 2012

Let us not forget
our heritage won in blood
shed by forefathers,

sons mothers daughters
father’s will and freedom’s gift
*To Be Left Alone*

the right to decide
where we live, who we help and
what we think, is ours

not based on kings screed
men’s greed, slaves freed, those who lead
or kangaroo courts.

We alone decide
with God’s grace and will as guide
be governed wise;

men of truth and faith,
goodwill towards All, self-abased,
best from common place.

Our Nation shall, Sir
Wise, survive the test of time
devised by wise men.

Nations face crises,
our is not exempt.  Beware.
Freedom course our blood!

Don’t give in, my friend,
though our future’s looking grim,
run down by misfits

everyone! Done in
for love of money, pride, sin.
Let God’s work begin

in hearts re-renewed.
Truth’s revival starts to brew
one mind at a time.

Let us not forget.
It is WE who guarantee
our rights and freedoms!

Not government,
police or Indian chiefs.

Let us not forget!

Copyright © 2012 by Janet Leigh.  All rights reserved.


  1. Dear Janet,
    Thanks for your kind note. What’s going on with you? Write and talk to me.

    I’m looking at some major refocusing too. The blog will factor in somehow. I want to get back to it and to my work and I feel the Universe thumping me along in that direction. What a collection of wounded healers we are.

  2. and if we don’t decide both individually and collectively, then someone else will decide for us . . . and we likely won’t like their decisions.

  3. I liked this. Great rhythm to it.

  4. It’s odd
    How we get away from our words
    Like walking away from Sunsets
    So much to describe
    Yet no light to write by

    hope life is treating you well

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