Posted by: janetleigh | May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Ordinary men
act extraordinary,
fierce purpose prevails.

A band of brothers
fight to the death for each other
and the world-at-large.

War, like it or not,
determines one’s survival.
“Life” does not take sides.

Peace is an ideal;
easier said than done, right?
Honor our fallen.

Life at war with life;
there is no permanent peace
’til heaven’s on Earth.

Armed Services all
remind me their loyalty:
one Band of Brothers.

Stark reality
sinks in.  Strangers died for me!
Life is greatest gift.

Nation under God,
One Purpose, One way of Life:
Brother’s Keepers all.

I bow to fallen
soldiers past, present, future:
Reverence unfolds.

Revised. 5.31.2010
Copyright © Janet Leigh. All Rights Reserved


  1. And a terrific haiku hybrid this is; well said,
    heartfelt, terrific impact. I found a vintage
    poster from WWI to put with it over on FFTR.
    Wow, does this mean the poetmistress is Back!
    Gosh, hope so. Lovely wordsmithing, Janet. Hope it is followed up with more, more poetics. Join me over at Applehouse Poetry Workshop. We have a lot of fun there. Also have missed your comments on my site. Hugs and hearts, dear.

  2. As always…very moving!

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    Help us to share your poetry :)

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