Posted by: janetleigh | February 2, 2014

Eva Cassidy birthday remembrance


I heard an angel sing,
my silver chord affirms
this; a voice so sweet
so pure, no crystal known
could ring as clear,
nor take the soul so far
from earth, or all the pain upon it.

This voice sang through,
this voice rang true,
country jazz or bluesy blues
she sang them all,
she paid her dues,
made strong men cry too.

I heard this angel sing,
my silver chord affirms
this; so-tall Georgia trees
abloom sunlit breeze
her bridge too far
for silver birds to fly,
her troubled waters all gone by.

I think willows weep now

sway mournfully, whisper
eva eva eva, we grow so high
to shade you so,
if only through the thicket
you once more would go.

I heard this angel sing,
my silver chord affirms
this; eva knew misery
and merriness run through
man, yet had no bridge
across troubled waters – and
her courage – all women giving birth.

We’ll remember you as you sang us
through fields of barley


These falling leaves drift past
my window, I hear you
in every color red green

and gold.

I swear, eva, if I had
a wonderful world to give you,
I could never weave one as fine
as you have done,
it takes a journeyman to portray
life’s rainbow design, and
your heartsong rings through it.

All rights reserved © Janet Leigh

In Loving Memory of
Eva Cassidy 1963-1996

You will always be remembered, Eva.  A sweet soul such as yours comes but once in a century, yet lives on eternally as love never dies.  Love lives as close as the nearest heart, yet reaches into the highest heavens; love blooms anew in every thought of you.  You are greatly missed, Eva.

*A poem collage of selected songs on Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley CD.
**Credit for songs of various artists in poem collage: Paul Simon - Bridge Over Troubled Waters; Buffy St. Marie -
Tall Trees in Georgia; Sting - Fields of Gold; Traditional - Golden Thread.


  1. Nice poem. I love the site! I have started putting my poems to video. I would love your feedback!

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