Greed by framedview on Flickr

Whodunit? U ask

Big oil companies
hold the world stage in angst-
Do U wonder Y?

Major distraction
takes Peoples eye off the ball-
Here’s hidden story

The Nation on-line
speaks truth 2 power – then some!
Should shock & awe U

(To: Robber Barons
UBS as in U B
Shit; LGT 2)

Wealthy steal billions
in plain sight thanks 2 big banks
money laundering

Tax havens 4 hire
How 2 fleece & skin the Peeps?
Off-shore profits, ho!

Tax evasion dough?
Need look no further than Swiss
and Liecht of Europe

“A company is..
only as ethical as
its people” — Wuffli

scumbags extraordinaire!
U B evil men

No job no home no
money – who feed “the children?”
Congress will cry out!

Rich don’t care who die
they in it for da moolah!
Who will hang’m high?

Thought I..


  1. Shivering Cold Dog
    Sadly Lanky To The Bone
    Eating Mice And Rats

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