Posted by: janetleigh | March 15, 2014

In the moment

In the moment;
while being one with nature
our soul is quickened.


  1. Lovely.

  2. Was the deer more startled or you? :-)

    Happy New Year, Janet. Remember me? Almost 20 years soon since we first met on some poetry forums. Suddenly, out of the blue, today I remembered you and recalled we had crossed paths again in 2007 briefly with a comment you left (I think) at my blog. Anyways… seems you are blogging away… as usual. Lovely! Will check out your posts to catch up at least with the recent poetry posts.

    sanjeev n.

    • Of course I remember you my dear friend! A fool would forget. I was so happy to see you comment here. I’ve been away quite a long time. I think I went into hiding after the loss of my beloved husband, Scott, my beloved furkid Rascal, my beloved homestead, and the sudden move away from my comfort zone. I went through something akin to ‘Weary on a mind quest’ (if you remember that one) but I know I’m coming out of that state of mind because I want to start writing again. We’ll see. Please do come back when the spirit moves you (again) and hopefully there will be some new work here. Also, please leave me the URL to your website; I remember how much I enjoyed visiting your site. Peace and love Sanjeev, janetleigh

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