Welcome. Thank you for visiting my site. What you’ll find here is a collection of snapshot thoughts about life, love and letting my Muse have its way with me. I wrote my first poem when I was about 9 years old. It must have gotten a rise out of someone who slathered praise on me with a palette knife because I haven’t stopped writing since then. It seems the Almighty has always provided some heady thought to tease a word or two from me which spilled out on paper to the tune of my making. Many creative artists say music is the universal language.. Having grown up around a musically-oriented family and a childhood soothed by nursery rhymes – somewhere along my timeline – this marriage of music and rhyme gave birth to a rhythmic hybrid which took hold of my very being and from that moment on I began to express my music in words. I’m a cerebral person by nature. I live in the “abstract” world of meditation and contemplation which lends itself to analyzing all things down to a gnat’s eyeball.

My goal here is to demonstrate what we have in common in the way of feeling, experience, and belief. We all struggle with burden, loss, and unrequited love. Indeed, I’ve had my share. I know joy, peace, love & happiness, too. Whenever life gets the better of me, I remember, when one door closes, another opens. It’s good to make a bouquet with the flowers within reach. Believe in the power of prayer and that every good gift comes from the Almighty One who wants only good for those who love Him. The world is made of many wonders such as – yourself!  This site is for you.

Copyright (c) 2007, 2008, 2009. All rights reserved.


  1. Thanks for the link Janet :)

    You’re welcome, Amanda, after all these years (months) .. ;>

  2. Impressive blog ma’m… Could I be privileged to exchange links in any case please?

    Done, right, Viral ?!

  3. I’m glad you like it and help yourself to a link. You have some pretty funny stuff on your blog, sir. I’m surprised I survived..

  4. Special Thanks that you visited my site. I’m more than delighted to have you come over and take along some laughters from there. And thanks for the blogroll linking too!

    … Peace!

  5. i like the purpose of your site, and find your work very tender and attractive. i would be pleased if your shared my link with your readers and am more than happy to add you to my roll.

    Thank you so much for visiting my page and for your kind comments.

    I can’t believe I haven’t come back to my About page and thank people for stopping by. I hope it’s better to be late than never, forgive me, c? You’re one of my favorites..:)

  6. My Uncle wrote and my Daddy wrote. I have never shared my stuff yet but perhaps sometime I will feel I have something worth sharing. For now I am only a consumer. Keep writing is all I can say to you today. Keep writing.


    Thank you for stopping by an encouraging me to keep writing, Mike. I know of nothing more compelling.. ;> I hope you get to a place where you’ll want to share your writing with us, we all start out a little shakey, if you know what I mean. Maybe you’d feel like sharing your Daddy or Uncle’s poems with me..? Best of luck to you, Mike

  7. Where are you? Hope all is well.

    I R here (writing to you), Scott, and well as can be expected…:)

  8. Enjoyed reading, very much

    Thank you very much for saying so.. and I’m really sorry it’s so long after the fact that I’m acknowledging your comment. I have spazzed this Section big time. Be well!

  9. Thanks for putting together such a great-looking blog. I have a blog which has a few poems on it, if you ever care to check it out. I don’t think I’m ready right now to do a complete site with poems. I worry that I will be tempted to put a lot of first drafts on and not much else.

    I’m sorry, too, that yours and others comments have been neglected by moi, but I forgot these Section pages also have comment capability and I should check back more often to check for comments. Please forgive me..? I have checked in on your blog a number of times, and have even commented, I think. I hope you’ll start putting up some of your own poems one day soon. You shouldn’t worry about putting up poems that you consider first drafts, a lot of us do, and I think it helps others see how some of my own pieces are worked out over the long haul. Like my “Ode to Woman” piece, long in the making and it went through major makeover, in my opinion..:) Please let me know if you decide to take that leap of faith about putting up your first draft poems. I, for one, will be interested in reading them, and I’ll be gentle in critiquing, if you ask for it..:) Please come back, rationalpsychic!

  10. Coolest picture of you on your blog ever. Your poetry reminds me of Walty Walt Whitman. I’m a high school teacher and we’re reading him in class right now. Great site.

    Okay, grrl, abarclay, spank me!! I deserve it for being late in acknowledging your wonderful comments! I know you have a great sense of humor and much patience – after all – you’re a teacher and excel in it, right?!! Spank me for not replying to your extremely nice compliment about my photo and especially for telling me I remind you of Walt Whitman, one of my favorite poets! Now that is definitely a compliment and I’ll take more of them, if you please… ;) I stop in to your blog lots of times – for my daily fix of hahas – because you are one extremely funny lady. Are you a comedian by night, by any chance? You ought to be.. :) Please, please, please, forgive me this one time, ok? I’ll be checking this About page more often. I forgot that the Comment capability is fired up for these back pages, too. Keep on keeping on with your fantastic writing!

  11. :)

    :) …and I raise you one


  12. i wanted to check in on you.
    Hope all is well with you & yours, dear janet.


  13. Janet ~ I am glad that you stopped by my blog as it prompted me to stop by yours :) I admire your intention statement of this blog being where you will let everything hang out as I translate that into you bring honesty, vulnerability and your truth of the day to your writing. Refreshing. I totally love the photo you chose (I hope I am correct in thinking that is you).

    I do not claim to be a religious person but am definitely a spiritual person who believes deeply in the power of prayer. I am happy to read of your mom’s good health report following her surgery. junemoon

    Please forgive me this late reply to your lovely compliment, June Moon. [I especially like your name. My Mom’s middle name is June..:)] You must think I’m terrible. I’ve really been challenged since before Christmas and my blog has suffered for it. I have every intention of returning to your place. I enjoyed my visit there and as soon as I catch up here, you’ll see me. Thank you so much for your concern about my Mom. She’s doing great and she knows it’s because of all the prayers that went up for her. She truly underwent a miracle. She’s very grateful for this second lease on life. I hope you are doing well and happy. And, yes, that is a photo of me, but I was older then, and I’m much younger than that now.. ;> [sure hope you know the song I’m alluding to, hee hee]. It’s a favorite family pic and has been my avatar online for years.

  14. Many of us out here in cyberspace are old and cranky and not too computer savvy. So our blogsites look amateurish. Yours is dazzling, and when I get some time, I will roll up my sleeves and get up to my chin in your beautiful thoughts and metaphysical meandering.


    Thank you so much for your dazzling comments, Glenn, and welcome to Poetmeister! I am honored that you’ve stopped by and have taken time out of your busy day to leave me your thoughts about my blogsite. I’ve been to your site, Feel Free to Read (great site, BTW!) a number of times, as you probably know by now if you check your stats. I’ve been there and also to Feel Free to Laugh and found a poem of yours, Golgatha, that just blew me away, sir! And, I had to read it again the other night just to see if it affected me the way it did on first reading. Yup. It’s still powerful! This poem, more than any other, makes me keenly aware of Christ’s suffering. The images are powerful and stay with me. I feel I am walking with the crowd, witnessing the “stations of the Cross” and you’ve made it so real for me. One of the best poems of its kind. Truth.

    I’d love to share it with my readers, with your permission, of course.

    Please do come back, Glenn, grab a chair by the fire, tea is coming up!

  15. Somewhere in the miasma of your terrific blog was the challenge to describe one’s self in just (6) words; quite a task indeed. Here is my shot at it.



    I also am a heavy duty Gemini, ex-professional actor who now works with blind people. If you have browsed my blog site, Feel Free To Read, you also find that I love to post other people’s poetry alongside my own, much as you do, and that I have written over 100 long and interesting film reviews.


    Oh, how wonderful of you to take the challenge, Glenn. At first glance it seems like a lark – but it’s not that simple, is it? How does one reduce one’s life essence into 6 words? Well, I guess you saw mine – humor overrides sophistication for this country girl, I’m afraid. LOL

    Your memoir says a lot about you, and you came up with a very concise one at that..:) All admirable qualities, too. Aha, a Gemini! With which we Aquarians get along famously. (Say that 5 times fast! ;) I have been browsing your site, and to tell you the truth, the fact you so highly esteem Alex makes you A-OK in my book. She’s great talent, too. You’re very generous in highlighting other people’s poetry and you’re an amazing film reviewer, Glenn. No doubt about that. Hear up, dear readers. :) Glenn is a most erudite writer and poet. You can visit him on Feel Free to Read, a most delightful blogsite!

    I give you a 9.7 out of 10, Glenn..:)
    I hope you know I’m pulling your leg, too. I’m a bit of an imp, if you hadn’t noticed by now. (And you are, too; I know Geminis ;) I don’t mean you no harm, as Leroy used to say, bless his heart.

    And thank you so much for all the time you’ve spent browsing and commenting so kindly about my blog!

  16. Please feel free to put GOLGATHA or any of my poems on your wonderful blogsite. The more we share with each other, the higher the resonance, the deeper the vibrations. You are such a proponent of poetry, wordsmithing since you were a tyke; much like myself.

    You amaze me with your thoroughness of checking out other’s blogs and works. Your kindness and appreciation is off the charts! And thanks again for your very astute and timely response to my meager comments.


  17. For those of us less schooled in the classics, I had to look up data on Parnassus.

    Mount Parnassus is a mountain of barren limestone in central Greece that towers above Delphi, north of the Gulf of Corinth, and offers scenic views of the surrounding olive groves and countryside. According to Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Apollo, the Corycian nymphs, and the home of the Muses. The mountain was also favored by the Dorians. The name Parnassos seems etymologically related to the pre-Greek Substratum language (some call Pelasgian) that made use of *-ssos in placenames (eg. Knossos). *Parna- it has been suggested is derived from the same root as the word in Hittite meaning House.

    Mount Parnassus is named after Parnassos, the son of the nymph Kleodora and the man Kleopompus. There was a city of which Parnassos was leader, which was flooded by torrential rain. The citizens ran from the flood, following wolves’ howling, up the mountain slope. There the survivors built another city, and called it Lykoreia, which in Greek means “the howling of the wolves.” While Orpheus was living with his mother and his eight beautiful aunts on Parnassus, he met Apollo who was courting the laughing muse Thalia. Apollo became fond of Orpheus and gave him a little golden lyre, and taught him to play it. Orpheus’s mother taught him to make verses for singing. As the Oracle of Delphi was sacred to the god Apollo, so did the mountain itself become associated with Apollo. According to some traditions, Parnassus was the site of the fountain Castalia and the home of the Muses; according to other traditions, that honor fell to Mount Helicon, another mountain in the same range. As the home of the Muses, Parnassus became known as the home of poetry, music, and learning.

    Parnassus was also the site of several unrelated minor events in Greek mythology.

    In some versions of the Greek flood myth, the ark of Deucalion comes to rest on the slopes of Parnassus.
    Orestes spent his time in hiding on Mount Parnassus.
    Parnassus was sacred to the god Dionysus.
    The Corycian Cave, located on the slopes of Parnassus, was sacred to Pan and to the Muses.
    Parnassus was also the home of Pegasus the winged horse of Bellerophon.

    [edit] Parnassus as metaphor

    Mount Parnassus.The name “Parnassus” in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature, and learning.

    Thus, it receives mention in such works as:

    The Parnassus Plays (referring to the University of Cambridge)
    John Clare’s “To the Rural Muse”
    Christopher Morley’s Parnassus on Wheels (referring to a mobile bookseller)
    The “New Parnassus,” the salon of Marguerite of Navarre.
    Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Simmons
    Le Parnasse contemporain, an influential 19th century French poets’ journal, gave its name to an entire literary style known as “Parnassianism” (or less commonly “Parnasism”), which is placed between romanticism and symbolism
    Parnassus: Poetry in Review, an influential American literary magazine founded in 1973
    In The Magus by John Fowles, Mount Parnassus is the destination for a trip taken by two estranged lovers
    Mount Parnassus is mentioned in the purgatory section of The Divine Comedy, at the terrestrial paradise on the summit of the holy mountain
    The national epic of Belarus is “Taras on Parnassus” (author unknown)
    In Edward Albee’s play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, [1] Parnassus is also mentioned in this manner
    In Jo’s Boys, the final sequel to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, Amy and Laurie’s house is nicknamed “Parnassus” because they patronize young and struggling artists
    The Parisian region of Montparnasse has its name from the Greek location, and indeed many “muses” lived there.
    Used in The Battle of the Books by Jonathan Swift as the mountain that is the works of the ancients
    Meantioned in the sonnet titled “Sonnet” by Edwin Arlington Robinson
    Within the Poetry of “Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg”, by Richard Wagner. (Act 3, scene 5).

    See how learned we become just endeavoring to translate your heading for this blog site. Mythology can put us in touch with our muses, and to filter our experiences richly, while connecting us to the music, the humanity, or lack of it, from the past. How fortunate we all are that you have worked so hard on this blog, and we can just stop by, like a warm road house built of poetry, and the finger sandwiches and the coffee and tea are delicious; and nice that you keep the fire alive for when we need the warmth.


  18. Thanks for your long visit and may comments on Poems Before Breakfast.

    On New Orleans, I have written extensively about that whole issue at http://www.wetbankguide.net, a blog I retired when I felt I had finished that particular story. What happened hear was not a natural disaster. It was not sabotage. It was simply the failure of human engineering, the shuttle Challenger and the Minneapolis bridge disaster written on the scale of half a million souls.

    I don’t think the re-birth of New Orleans is futuristic. It is happening all around me, in spite of the complete lack of commitment by the government and others to make it happen. It is happening because the people I call the 200,000 (those who came on their own and have made it happen) and the tens of thousands of volunteers who continue to flow in to help.

    Space is the Place is about the opportunities of now, the chance to make a city with many problems before the storm into some better out of the rubble.

    Thanks again for your long and thoughtful visit.

    Mark Folse

  19. Janet, I like your site. Baring one’s soul is tough work. How about exchanging links with me? Andrew

    Hello, Andrew, and Welcome, welcome to Poetmeister! Thank you so much for stopping in – and more so to tell me you enjoy my blog. It will be my pleasure to exchange links with you. I wandered over to your site, Birthdays of Poets and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Your site is going to be a great addition for my dear readers to check out. Your posts are excellent and I’m learning a thing or two – okay, tons, I’m learning tons of things! I’m also really pleased that The Good Earth by Pearl Buck is one of your favorite books. It’s one of mine, too, as well as To Kill a Mockingbird. I also love classical music, as well as choral! (I had better say that, my son is musical director of his own chamber ensemble..:) ) Please make yourself at home here, by the fire, if you prefer, and tea is about to be served!

  20. In response to your short poem, WORD WORLDS, which I posted on my blog, FFTR today, I wrote a short paragraph. At second glance I found a poem hiding in the prose:


    Yes, this is
    the poet’s anthem,
    for we all
    catch those words
    and icons
    that swirl
    in the ionosphere
    of the voltaic flow,
    that raging river of resonance
    that is just beyond
    our naked eyes—
    the language of the soul,
    God whispering
    in our hearts.
    to be a wordsmith
    in the morning!

    Glenn Buttkus May 2008

    Oh, I just love this, Glenn! So much better than my meager offering, I’m afraid. I think I shall put yours along side mine, if you don’t mind. The alliteration of your poem is sublime and of the heavenly. “Raging river of resonance,” indeed! And I especially take to heart “the language of the soul/God whispering/in our hearts” just sings, Glenn! Thank you so much for planting your beautiful word-seed here on my blog. Your sweetness does not go unnoticed, my dear.

    I also wish you and your lovely Melva the most pleasant, awe-inspiring voyage ‘into the mystic’ as Van would sing! I know you’ll bring some soul-inspired poems back with you, Glenn. (In the hopes you’ll share them with us!)

  21. Just stopped by to check on you. Hope all is well and that your are feeling more inspired.

    Oh, Amanda, my favorite Queen of Soul, I’m touched by your concern..really I am! I’m trying to re-engage with the world, but it’s a little erratic, I’m afraid. Probably indicative of my moods lately. It’s hard to cope with the death of someone really close.. :( But, I’m determined now not to let this blog die [I have toyed with throwing in the towel, but when I get a chance to get onboard here and see all my friends stopping in, well, it’s really a powerful incentive to return as quickly as I’m able, but I’m in my Fall flare right now and well.. yuck & ack!) and lose my cyberfriends, so please be patient.. I’m trying.. thank you, my simpatico {{{hug}}}

  22. i like your site

    good works
    and all

    i will link it
    visit my site
    if you have time

    i think you might enjoy it
    if you do link it

    if not

    but you have some good
    stuff here


    Thank you, and Welcome to Poetmeister, Toby. I went and found your site, sorry apologies, and need to say that I am impressed with your work and also see that you’re creating a Myspace site, as well. I plan on returning to your site for some more enjoyable, soul-satisfying reading. Also, thank you for linking to my blog and I will surely reciprocate. More people need to read what you have to offer..:) ..you have some good.. stuff there.. as well!

  23. hello janet… it’s nice i am able to visit your site again… sorry for being a slacker.. :)

    how is everything on your part of the world? your writings are much more colossal than mine… it’s like a tiny star comparing its light to noonday sun…

    thanks for sharing your work… i appreciate everything you write here, though i have to admit i get overwhelmed at times… :)

    revisiting this place makes me want to raise my own budding attempts to the wind, hoping they too can touch the sky…

    thanks for the comments.. each one is appreciated very very much… keep smiling… :)

    Egads.. Hello, guerdon! I’m a dreadful person in need of a sound whipping for not noticing you left me this stellar message of praise, which, truly, I’m not worthy of, my friend, but really do appreciate the fact that you think so highly of my work. So I can assume a contest of who is the bigger slacker is commencing..? heh heh. I’m so glad to see you back at writing, guerdon. I shall be by anon! Take care, my friend!

  24. Hi Janet , thanks for visiting HTMM @ http://htmm.wordpress.com/ and commenting on my poem, i ve revised the poem Hiatus Whole in Home Of Random which you commented on and i ve actually taken u up on your suggestion, visit and see if interested. beautiful & inspiring is wat u r , not forgetting your undeniable talent, hope u dont mind i ve added u to my blogroll. thanx again , HTMM

    Hi again, HTMM! I’m glad you took my suggestion in the manner in which it was given..:) I’ll be stopping by soon to catch up with your blog, which I find very original and insightful. Thank you so much for wanting to add me to your blogroll! I shall return the honor, sir! See you soon..:)

  25. Thanks for viewing my Severe Alert`s Blog. Thanks for your Kind Comment.

  26. Nice blog :D

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    Hello Nick, I’m sorry to get back to you so late; my bodyboat is in rough waters lately. I’m flattered that you want to advertise your new business on my blog, however, I don’t think advertising is allowed on WordPress.com blogs. I think advertisements are allowed on WordPress.org.

    I will, however, tell my gentle readers that I’ve visited your site and found that you showcase some very beautiful pieces. I especially like your Two Tone 6mm 18K Yellow and White Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Ring because one can wear it with either sterling silver, platinum, or gold. Also, it’s very elegant-looking. For those of you interested in Superior Weddings Rings, Nick has a very fine selection of rings plus custom-designed ones.

    Nick, I don’t think I’ll get in trouble by providing a link for my readers here in my Comments Section. ;> Thank you for stopping by!

  28. dear janet
    please remove all my poems etc. from your blog asap.
    i desire oblivion but much to my regret….

    god bless you Janet

    My dear SHAKIR, I got your message today and I will remove your poems, but I just signed in here and I will have to search for them unless you can direct me to where they are. I am so PLEASED to hear from you, Shakir! I tried to email you also years back, to ask if I could subscribe to your private blog but we must have crossed paths at different times. God bless you, Shakir. I hope to hear back from you, soon.

  29. Dear Janet,
    I can not thank you enough. I have sent you the link to your mindspring.com address. Here it is again.

    I distinctly remember that subscription request and in my own broken way I tried to explain why I had taken those blogs off line. Like I said back then in 08 sharing my world with you gave my silly ramblings a certain meaning…

    God bless you dear friend,

  30. nice blog and poetry Janet……I am a poet/painter living in Canada

  31. My blog Poga poetry http://www.waynepitchko.blogspot.com

  32. Glad you are back!

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