Posted by: janetleigh | May 26, 2009

Darfuri Cry from the Wilderness


“If only the world knew,
We would have done something.”

from Mia Farrow‘s Darfur blog, 4.13.09

Ohh, we know the plight of the Darfuri, all right.
As we sleep tight in our feather beds at night,
little Darfuri feet are on the beat
scavenging imaginary streets between rows
of tents bent inward fighting for structure,
sculpting organization out of raw air dreams
paved in dust.

Like many others, for me Darfur is more like a story
read once or twice, images suffice, and horror
is taken in small bites,
no different than eating grubs hurriedly
on an empty stomach perhaps
a dust ball between sheets of newspaper
sandwich a meal to read over first;
later the dying emerge as a dream scene,
clawing nailless into the ground looking for water
who thirst for death come quickly.

The sickly ones rival dust-covered flat field color of pale tents
their flapping side ribs sticking out,
extended belly called home but the line was busy
tending to the dead and dying.

Lying, if we said we didn’t know.
Doing something is always agonizingly slow
for those without means or a way
to make a difference,
moreover, the elite may,
and choose oratory instead.
The mighty and powerful claim
powerless over sovereign country Heads
of State,
but make war preemptively post haste.

Sound of clarion calls peal the air,
a brother’s keeper stands out, where
even the brave fear to tread among the million

Momma Mia, momma of the brave indeed.
Heard the cry of a People hoarse desperate doomed
in need
of a multitude of Momma Mias who plea
for Darfur’s living remnant
marooned off the shores of sand sea;
I beg of you
to do.
Reading, pleading, seeding thoughts anew
are not enough.

Demand our President stand by his word.*


Copyright © Janet Leigh, 5.26.09. All Rights Reserved.


*Mia Farrow’s 5.19.09 blog entry

“A stain on our souls”

2007, then-candidate Barack Obama [my emphasis] said: “When you see a genocide, whether it’s in Rwanda or Bosnia or in Darfur, that’s a stain on all of us,” he said. “That’s a stain on our souls.”

And one from him as a junior Senator at the big DC rally in 2006:

“Today we know what is right, and today we know what is wrong. The slaughter of innocents is wrong. Two million people driven from their homes is wrong. Women gang raped while gathering firewood is wrong. And silence, acquiescence and paralysis in the face of genocide is wrong.”


  1. Your passionate poem is a plea, a demand, and it shakes me up. I struggle to get through each day in the teeth of my disability, living in my head, in my poetry, in movies. And then you come along and dunk us in a barrel of reality. Apathy does reign with most of us. The world is now a big living room, and we are all in it. In some corner every day there is a famine, terrible tragic war lord rapes and beheadings and Aids run rampant, and acts of nature leaving people homeless, and 43,000 people living in the streets in LA county, and gang bangers keeping us from visiting the malls–and so we roll our eyes and pay no attention to Mia or Sean Penn or Brad Pitt or George Clooney who have the time and the money to be compassionate, turn a deaf ear to pleas for more of our hard earned coin at home and elsewhere. We all know the score, and yet
    you have the grit to challenge us, to chide us,
    and I applaud you for it.


    I really didn’t mean to sound like I was berating anyone unduly, Glenn, but as you yourself wrote, “ no attention to Mia or Sean Penn or Brad Pitt or George Clooney who have the time and the money to be compassionate..” I think this is the crux of the problem. I think more of us would be involved in causes like this if we had the money & means to do so; there are so many of us who feel helpless to help because we have neither (money or means). We should be demanding our Illustrious Leaders cool their “friendly” relationships with the evil/dictator/despot Heads of States that are depriving their own citizens of the things they need to survive. If diplomacy and cajoling fails to work on evil men, then we need to dust our shoes off as we leave their country door and tell them to “talk to the hand” in the event of future attempts to reel our Illustrious Leaders in, for whatever reason. Most of the world’s problems lie at the feet of those who “rule” the State (country). About time we go after them..

    I didn’t mean anyone any harm when I wrote this, Glenn. Sometimes I just write out loud.. ;>

  2. I agree with Glen..I have tried to express this in another poem else where..I find it sickening its been allowed to continue for so very long :(

    Hi there, wild writings, so good to see you back at the board (blog) after your hiatus; as you can glean from my blog, I’ve been on and off here as well. I’m glad you decided to pick up your pen again and and let us into your world again. I’ll be by again soon! Thanks for stopping in to leave your thoughts; this situation makes me sick, too. :(

  3. Good evening Janetleigh,
    Just seen your comment on my blog and wanted to thank you and also send you a big ((((((hug)))))) right back :D
    How are you? I hope that you are ok and that things have settled somewhat for you, remember though, what ever is going on you have to make sure that you are looking after yourself…OK!
    Not sure if you have noticed but from July last year I was absent from my blog till this April, and even now I have only posted twice (like you major things have been happening my side), hence me only visiting you once in a while, hopefully once things settle down, I may be able to post and visit more often.
    Watch out for me and my new wings (LOL),
    take lots of care
    and (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) are being flown over to you from me, to keep you safe and happy.

    Hello dear Stacey! Welcome back! My, my, it looks like several of us have been on long hiatus or blogging less lately. I hope things are looking up for you, as well. Life really is like slamming our face down on a bed of nails, no? I am trying to look after myself, but I’m in a fibro flare right now and I just have to let it run its course. This flare has hit me in the hips; I’m dealing with trochanter bursitus so I’m really stiff and have a hard time walking when I first stand up. It eases as I walk so that’s good. It’s like having arthritis in the hip bones. But, I just thank God I can walk! My last flare affected my hands and feet. I couldn’t hold things in my hands very well and I couldn’t walk. I had to quit work as a result of the flare and haven’t worked since.. which is crazy-making for me, having worked all my life. And I know that this, too, shall pass..:) Hope you get to a place where you can blog again more frequently, and I really need a Stacey “fix” fit of laughter! I miss your wonderful sense of humor, as I’m sure others do, too. Can’t wait to see dem new wings, grrl! And {{{hugs}}} backatcha!

  4. A very passionate plea concerning an almost unnoticed atrocity…..We the citizens of spaceship earth need to do more

    I appreciate your feedback about this piece, jamrockpoet, and welcome to Poetmeister. Hot tea on the table, take the chair close to the fireplace and get comfy, make yourself at home here. We all mingle around the chocolate fondu, so help yourself.

  5. A very passionate plea concerning an almost unnoticed atrocity…..We the citizens of spaceship earth need to do more

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